Ten Things You Should Know Before Using Your New Tent

yellow_tent1. Practice putting your tent up before you first go camping.
Be familiar with all the parts of you tent and the correct way to set it up. Read the instructions thoroughly. It’s generally a good idea to assemble all the tent poles and then insert them into the pole sleeves or clips of the tent before putting the ends of the tent poles into the grommets of the tent. This will help to avoid placing unnecessary stress on the pole section joints. Assemble the shock corded poles slowly, section by section. Do not “snap” the pole sections together.

2. Locate a level, smooth spot to set up your tent and clean the site of debris.
A ground tarp or “footprint” may help prolong the life of your tent floor but will not necessarily make it more waterproof, nor necessarily protect it from all damage.

3. Anchor your tent at all corners to secure it in the wind, and use all guy-lines to make the tent as taut as possible.

4. Vent your tent!
vent tentAlways keep doors and windows open as much as possible to provide cross-ventilation and prevent condensation. This is especially important in wet weather.

5. Do not bring food, toothpaste, or scented items into your tent to keep from attracting bears and other animals.

6. Do not wear your boots in the tent (especially if you have crampons on)!

7. Use the tent zippers slowly and carefully!
Unless a bear is coming in on one side and you are trying to get out of the other side, there should be no rush to zip or unzip the doors and windows of your tent.

8. When taking down the tent:
Push (do not pull) the tent poles through the tent sleeves to avoid separating the pole sections in the sleeves where they may pinch and tear the tent fabric. Slowly break the shock corded tent pole down by separating it at the center sections first. This will prevent added strain on the tent pole’s shock cord.

9. At the end of your trip, air dry your tent and tent fly thoroughly to avoid mildew.
Never store a wet tent!

10. Store your tent in a dry place.
You may occasionally want to clean your tent by handwashing it with a sponge and warm soapy water. Rinse with a sponge and clean water and air dry thoroughly before storing.

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