Sleeping Bags

The majority of the sleeping bags we sell use synthetic insulation, which is a durable alternative to natural goose down, providing warmth in wet environments. We feature sleeping bags constructed of Polarguard Delta—made up of hollow core continuous filaments, that is lighter, more durable and more thermally efficient than any Polarguard product ever produced. These advances are achieved by a higher diameter fiber with more hollow space inside to create a stronger, higher lofting insulation.

We also have a small selection of down bags available for customers who want a minimal weight without compromising warmth. These bags are made from high quality goose down. They compress to very small sizes, and will not lose their loft like some synthetics can over time. Keep in mind, a down bag is ideally suited for dryer climates than Southeast Alaska.

Try to choose the bag that will keep you warm for the majority of the time you will be using it. For instance, if you only go winter camping very occasionally, you can probably get by with using a lighter bag, and then layering clothes or a liner inside the bag for extra warmth for the few times that you need it. Temperature ratings provided by the sleeping bag manufacturer assume that the camper is sleeping inside of a tent, on top of a sleeping pad, with the bag fully zipped. Eating a good meal before going to sleep and staying hydrated can also affect temperature comfort while camping.

The North Face Women's Cat's MeowThe North Face Women’s Cat’s MeowClimashield™ Prism
Synthetic insulation and soft silken lining combine to make the Women's Cat's Meow a classic bag for three-season mountaineering forays down to 20ºF. Specifically designed to mirror a woman's physique, this bag delivers added creature-comforts for the female mountaineer. Available in regular and long Lengths.

The North Face Snow LeopardThe North Face Snow Leopard
An intelligently designed synthetic insulated winter bag that features two types of insulation to provide maximum warmth, comfort, and compressibility. Draft tube at the shoulders to help maintain body heat and a vaulted footbox at the bottom. Full length side zipper with glow in the dark pulls. The interior and exterior shell fabrics are buttery soft to the touch. Regular/Long

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